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Italiensk Mat & Tryffel provides tailor-made services for restaurants and home cooks all over Sweden that value only the best ingredients. Business ethics is centered on these key values: quality, continuity and value.


Founder Nicola Grendele, who is Italian by birth, maintains strong ties to his homeland in Italy while he is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nicola and his team buy all their ingredients from the best regions in Italy, based on personal face  to  face contacts with their suppliers, who have proven to consistently meet the high standards of Italiensk mat & tryffel customers.


Discover two of the most interesting and complex flavors in the culinary world: Truffles and Caviar. We teach you how to use them, from understanding how to cook with these luxurious ingredients to learning techniques on how to best preserve them,

using the ingredients exclusively from Italiensk mat & tryffel .

Join us for a truffle and caviar event that will push culinary boundaries and defy your expectations.

Caviar och pilgrimsmusslor

One of the most famous and exclusive epicurean delicacies in the world. And yet it is so simple. Caviar is nothing but fish eggs and salt!


They are the eggs of the sturgeon family of fish. Sturon is saltwater anadromous fish (meaning they move from salt to freshwater to spawn). In general, caviar is usually salty, but how salty depends on the variety.

For purists, it can be consumed directly from a spoon or served with biscuits, toast or blini.


The small eggs burst in the mouth and release a buttery, sometimes nutty and slightly sweet taste. Some caviar is more briny or fishy in taste than others. At Italiensk Mat & Tryffel, we are tasked with showing that enjoying caviar can go beyond just one spoon on the side.

Tryffel rätter

It is classified as the most valuable and rare food product in the world:  the valuable TRUFFLE.


Truffle is a fungus that grows underground (hypogeum) that changes in aspect and color at regular intervals!  The famous white truffle (tuber magnatum) is the most powerful and rare of all, which grows only a few months a year and gives all the passionate flavors a unique memory that will not be forgotten!

The truffles that we find in the middle of Italy that follow the perfect weather / condition in growth are classified as the BEST and develop an unmistakable scent and color of the perfect Mediterranean climate! After the season, our truffle hunters choose and find the best areas for truffles of the best quality!  The love and passion for truffle comes from its highest taste, aroma and shape that make it an ingredient that every kitchen should have as a component!


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